How it all began

Stamas History

Stamas Yacht is the oldest, continuously family owned and operated boat company in the United States today. Located in the beautiful Greek fishing village of Tarpon Springs on Florida’s Gulf Coast for over 70 years, the Stamas family has been handcrafting premium quality boats for fisherman and yachtsman alike that know the difference.

Stamas is recognized worldwide as a company whose vision and drive is not only a corporate mission statement, but a hallmark of the family of craftsmen who have been expressing their passion for over Seventy years. Perhaps that’s why Stamas has a higher rate of lifetime owners than any other manufacturer.

In addition to pioneering fiberglass boat construction, many features that have become industry standards on boats were Stamas innovations. Fiberglass inner liners and self-bailing cockpits were created at Stamas. Features such as insulated and overboard draining fishing boxes and built-in live bait wells were first featured on Stamas boats. Stamas was also the first company ever to put a head inside of a center console.


The Aegean Line

There are many directions taken by boat and yacht builders when planning an express cruiser type vessel. At Stamas Yacht, we build The Aegean series of express models from 32’6” to 39’ with not only the hard core fisherman in mind, but his family and crew as well.

There are two distinctly separate purposes that go into the planning of each and every Aegean; a fishing cockpit that is battle wagon equipped. Just as importantly; a cabin that is comfortable and functional with a yacht quality fit and finish.

After 70 years of production, Stamas is still the standard by which all other builders are compared. Stamas has been building boats since 1952 and has never had a hull failure, a record worth repeating.


The Tarpon/Aventura Line

The Stamas center console models are called the Tarpon in reference to the city of Tarpon Springs, Florida; where they have been built since 1952.
Ranging from 31’ to 39’ there is simply no other boat on the market built with more care and consideration for the fishability and the comfort of the angler and his crew.

The craftsmen at Stamas celebrate 70 years of exceptional boat building with the 2022 model year. Real fishermen love Stamas Built boats for more reasons than just their rugged good looks. While the traditional yet contemporary styling never goes out of favor, there’s more to the decision to buy Stamas than is visible to the admiring eye.