The Aegean Series is considered by fishermen to be the most well equipped functional express platform on the market today. Getting to the fishing grounds quickly and comfortably is a benefit that everyone onboard appreciates and The Stamas "Variable Degree Deep V" hull is famous for doing just that. With today's big Yamaha 4 stroke engines available in twin or triple set ups these yachts are not only soft riding and dry, but also fast and fuel efficient. Once there tackle centers, livewells and fully insulated fish boxes make fishing a pleasure.



The Stamas center console models are called the "Tarpons" in reference to the city of Tarpon Springs Florida, where they have been built since 1952. Ranging from 26'7" to 39' there is simply no other boat on the market built with more care and consideration to the fishability and also the comfort of the angler and his crew. These boat builders and craftsmen celebrated their 65th Anniversary during the 2017 model year and proudly brag that they have never had a hull failure. When you take your family and crew to sea in a Stamas Tarpon you can have the confidence you’ll be coming home.