Stamas Built

Construction is the key to Stamas' longevity. At Stamas, we pride ourselves in providing a product that has been engineered and built to standards that are unequaled by any other manufacturer.  We are very proud of the fact that we have been over-building boats for over 60 years.

  • Innovation and Experience - Since 1952, Stamas has been an innovator in the marine industry. As a wooden boat builder and pioneer in fiberglass boat construction, Stamas Yacht has been a driving force in the evolution of boating as we know it today.
  • Research and Development - Computer Aided Design (CAD) is used to ensure accurate running surfaces as well as consistency in the fit and finish of all Stamas boats.  Proprietary research and development, tooling and manufacturing allow Stamas to provide fresh innovative designs as well as properly performing boats.
  • Superior Design - Although the fiberglass lay-up of Stamas boats is heavier than other brands, our boats continue to outperform the competition, due to superior lamination techniques and hull designs.
  • Custom Quality - Unlike other production builders that manufacture “stock” boats, every Stamas is built to order.  Although Stamas is a production boat company, we have always emphasized quality over quantity, allowing us to maintain a level of construction found only in custom boats.
  • In-House Manufacturing - We build all of our boats in our own factory in Tarpon Springs, Florida. This allows us to achieve unequaled quality control of fiberglass parts, interior components and accessories.
  • Computer-Generated Weight and Balance - Each individual boat is carefully designed with regard to placement of all standard  and optional equipment. This guarantees optimum weight distribution from port to starboard and from bow to stern.
  • Premium Grade Gelcoat and Resins - We use only the finest grade marine gelcoat and resins.  That means your Stamas will retain its high gloss for years, providing easy maintenance and trouble-free service.  Stamas has a 25-year relationship with the supplier, guaranteeing consistency in every part we build.
  • Hand Lay-up Construction - Stamas is strong on consistency and uniformity in lamination.  This results in an optimum glass-to-resin ratio, providing more strength and better performance. After all, the strength of fiberglass is in the material, not in excess resin.  We know of no other company that takes as much time with the lamination process as we do.
  • Douglas Fir Stringers - All Stamas boats are constructed with 2" Douglas Fir lumber, not lesser quality plywood or foam core. The stringer system is completely encapsulated in fiberglass and laminated into the hull. This elaborate and expensive process provides you with a stringer system of unequaled strength, protected from the elements forever.
  • Continuous Core Reinforcing - All Stamas decks incorporate this technique.  Most manufacturers reinforce their decks only in high-stress areas or where hardware will be mounted.  The Stamas Continuous Core Reinforcing process bonds a seamless, fiberglass sealed core to every area of the deck's walking area, plus all horizontal and most vertical surfaces.
  • In-the-Mold Curing - Stringer systems, transoms and inner liners are installed while the hull is in the mold.  All fiberglass parts are then allowed to properly cure before being pulled from the mold. This ensures a true running surface and proper fit of all parts.  In fact, Stamas boats spend more time curing in the mold than many manufacturers spend building an entire boat.
  • Closed-Cell Foam Flotation - This technique provides insulation, sound deadening and flotation without water absorption. All Stamas boats meet or exceed Coast Guard standards.
  • Insulated Storage - All fishboxes and coolers are fully insulated to keep ice frozen, bait fresh and drinks cold. These boxes also drain overboard to keep the bilge clean and odor free.
  • Anodized Aluminum Fuel Tanks - All welded, anodized aluminum fuel tanks are structurally supported by and secured to the stringer system. These tanks are pressure tested before, during and after installation to ensure years of trouble-free service.
  • Unitized Hull-to-Deck Joint - While most builders simply putty and screw hulls and decks together, Stamas inner liners and decks are fiberglassed to the stringers, to the hull and the transom.  This critical joint is then mechanically fastened and filled with fibrous polyester bonding compound providing a chemical bond for additional adhesion and leak prevention.
  • Pro-Active Quality Control - During the construction of a Stamas boat, Quality Control steps in at every point of the manufacturing process.  This pro-active approach to quality ensures superior workmanship in every detail on every boat.
  • Stamas 7-Year Limited Hull Warranty - With over 60 years of experience, Stamas  has never had a hull failure.  This gives us the confidence to offer a 7-year Structural Warranty, and gives you the confidence of knowing you will never need it.
  • Resale Value - Because Stamas has been crafting quality boats continuously for over 60 years, you can enjoy one of the best resale values on the market.